Near Miss At Scottish Sea Farms Mega-Hatchery

It appears that a decommissioned salmon farm pen had been cut up and left on the slipway along with a generator full of diesel fuel.

Little Bay Near The Butterchurn

This little bay is a hotspot for storm blown debris.

South Shian Point

Bordering Scottish Wildlife Trust Reserve Shian Wood including it’s saltmarsh, a seemingly tidy oyster farm polluting this otherwise beautiful stretch of shore.

Below North Roundabout

Another shore abused by aquaculture industry.

South Roundabout to Cregan Bridge

Yellow today orange tomorrow. Another beach that catches varying amounts of pollution.

Creagan Beach

Cregan Beach. Probably the most visited shore on Loch Creran

North Teithel Camping Beach

This tiny beach is often used by campers many leave some litter. Fly-tippers often dump here. It’s got a yellow marker but it can be an orange beach sometimes.

Invernahyle West

Looks like a whole mussel farm operation has been dumped on the shore here from heavy machinery to vacuum cleaners and phones. Awful to see.

Invernahyle East

Pollution from just about all the aquaculture industries covered here

Creagan West to Appin Holiday Homes

Along with the mussel floats there are numerous plastic items, mostly aquaculture related.

NE of Teithel Beach

Pollutants from Gaelforce Fusion. These pipes have been on the shore for several years.

Teithel Beach

Dominated by industrial manufacturing of aquaculture pens for salmon farming, produced by Gaelforce Fusion.

West of Rhugh Garbh Junction to Ferlochan

To date, this is the worst section of shore discovered on Loch Creran. I can only describe this as environmental abuse. It’s a large and disgraceful pollution event.

West of Rhugh Garbh Depot

Better than most beaches but still not good

Sealife Center to Beaver Timber

Large aquaculture infrastructure related items dominate this pollution.

Loch Creran

A living example of the environmental impacts of low ethical standards and the failure of Authorities to protect a combined Special Area of Conservation and a Marine Protected Area.

As a regular user of the shores of Loch Creran, North Argyll, I’ve become more and more aware of the growing levels of shore pollution around the loch. The recent development of the old MRC in Barcaldine into a mega-hatchery for Scottish Sea Farms has made me realise how industrialised Loch Creran has become. I’ve also realised how these industrial and commercial operations are abusing the lochs’ protected environment.

I’ve set out to find, record, and map the pollution that blights this beautiful coastline. I wish to make this issue visible to a wider audience and have a vehicle to publicise the problem in the hope of gaining support for an effort to clean this up and stop it happening again.

I’m not making a forensic search of every inch of the shoreline, I’m walking what I can, taking photos of the worst of the pollution then pulling together a short post focussed on each area.

Loch Creran is a Marine Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Marine Protected Area (Nature Conservation) MPC(NC)

Who is responsible for protecting it though?

I hope to find out and ask why the loch has been allowed to be abused in this manner and what can be done to improve it.

View The Pollution Map Now

Once I’ve completed the survey of all the accessible shore pollution I’m planning to add posts and information highlighting light and noise pollution too.┬áIf anyone wants to add to the information on the site, by helping map the pollution or by adding information and knowledge about the loch, it’s users, it protectors, its ecology etc.

Can You Contribute?